Stefan Ulrich

My name is Stefan and I’m a 35-year old artist from Germany, currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I started modding back in 2014 as a hobby during my time at university. While studying, I felt an increasing interest of working creatively and building actual, physical pieces. Under the name RandomDesign, I entered my first modding contest in the same year and surprisingly, won this competition, which really kicked off my modding career. In the following years, I built numerous mods, including my current projects. Since 2018, I’m building case mods as a full-time artist and could make a living out of it. With every project, I try to learn something new and like to combine different techniques and materials, like glass fiber, thermoplastics, wood and 3D-printed parts. Although I occasionally build classical case mods, my main passion is creating scratch builds. I love to start my projects from zero and enjoy the freedom this kind of approach offers. In recent years, my work more and more developed towards the field of prop making and my latest projects reflect the attempt to merge prop making and PC modding to create truly unique and extraordinary mods. Asides case modding, I’m a huge fan of video games and movies, which always have been an enormous pool of creative ideas and inspiration for me. I also like the challenge of bringing an on-screen item into real life and turn it into a fully functional computer. With those creative homages, I like to show my respect and admiration for the amazing work of all those people, contributing to the movie and video game culture by creating most astonishing works of art.

For me case modding has become more than a hobby, it’s my passion and my way of bringing something fantastic to everyday life.

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