Jonathan Lightwood

Hi everyone,Im Jonathan Lightwood from Braintech society, i Live in Canada more precisely in the big city of Montreal. I started modding 3 years ago without even knowing anything about the modding world, since then i put all the time i have on my modding project, it is now more then a passion its a way of life. all i do is think about getting new tools that i need for my project what will i do next and for every project i strive to learn something new. I'm very active on social media and I started covering event with Aorus at Dreamhack, ETS, CES and probably more to come. I started playing with Thermaltake products a while ago and felt in love with them i made a lot of different pattern, mode with my ecosystem and the one from clients and friends, RGB is something i really do like to play with and I enjoyed playing with the latest riing trio and the TT premium plus was a success. Now i just cant wait to try the new apps NeonMaker with these magnificent Riing Quad

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* NeonMaker only supports the Riing Quad Series fans.